SureConnect, SIMPLY what is it?

SureConnect offers back-up options for your premise-based phone system using our SIP trunking together with our Hosted PBX technology.

SIP trunking offers benefits not found with regular PRI circuits.  Not only are SIP trunks more robust and cost effective than PRI, but SIP trunking is an IP-based phone line, and with that comes the flexibility you simply can not find with a PRI circuit. It also offers a host of other benefits that can help you solve real business continuity problems. Here are some ways that SIP trunking and Digitcom’s SureConnect phone service can help protect your business from potential interruption.

Business Continuity
In the event of disasters such as flood or fire, SIP Trunking can protect the continuity of your business. For example, if yourToronto branch has to close in an emergency and you need the calls routed toVancouver immediately, Digitcom can do this at no extra charge.

Further, if your company already employs a PRI but you are looking for a better back-up solution than what your analog lines offers, Digitcom’s SureConnect offers a number of back-up solutions that can help protect your business.

Disaster recovery and service resilience
By having two PBXs, each at a separate site and each with its own connection, you will always have service availability. Should one site go down, your inbound and outbound calls can automatically be rerouted to the second site in an instant and without any prohibitive call forwarding charges. With this set up, you can also share the load on inbound calls to two or more sites. You may choose to have your second PBX off-site at a co-location centre thereby avoiding the full cost of a second PBX. Alternatively you may wish to use your existing PRI line as a backup.

For absolute resilience, SIP Trunking can be used to provide a solution with guaranteed 100% up-time. In the unlikely event that all of your SIP Trunking services are unavailable, you can still instantly re-route your inbound calls to any destination by redirecting calls to a number of your choice.

Now, let’s say you have a PRI circuit. You can continue to use your PRI circuit as your primary dial-in line, but instead of the PRI circuit failing to an analog line, the PRI can now fail to SureConnect, or our SIP trunk services.  And now that we have an Ethernet-based, flexible resource, we have a number of options available with respect to where we can send the calls.

Take a look at some of the scenarios listed in the tabs above to better understand how SureConnect can work for your business. You can click on them to find out more.

A brief description:

  1. If the PRI circuit fails, then we overflow to a SIP trunk
  2. If the PRI circuit and the phone system fail, then we provision calls to a number of HostedPBX extensions
  3. If the PRI circuit fails, then we play an automated attendant greeting advising callers of the problem, or, we send the calls to another office.
Digitcom's Phone Service emergency 9-1-1 features differ from traditional 9-1-1 emergency services. Visit terms and conditions for more information