SIP Trunks, SIMPLY what is it?

You may have heard the term’ SIP trunking’ but are now wondering … what is a SIP Trunk?

SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol, and that’s exactly what SIP is, a protocol.

At one time the primary type of phone line was an analog line, and although it’s still available, has now been primarily replaced by PRI circuits. PRI offers many advantages not found with analog lines. For example, with PRI you can have near perfect sound quality, caller inbound and outbound name display, multi-party conferencing, DID’s (Direct Inward Dial lines).  And now there’s the SIP trunk, an even better version of the PRI circuit.

SIP Trunking is an alternate mechanism used to connect phone lines into an organization’s business telephone system, and is emerging as a viable alternative to legacy PRI and analog lines. A SIP trunk is essentially a telephone line, similar to the analog line and PRI circuit (described above), but is delivered into the business phone system through a broadband or Ethernet connection.

The advantage of a SIP trunk is the flexibility it provides. Click on the tab above titled “What are the Benefits” to learn more about what SIP trunking is and some of the benefits it provides.

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