Frequently Asked Questions:

If you want to take a call just by using you PC or Laptop what do you need?
In the base package Digitcom includes the user of either a desk phone, or, a soft phone. It is possible to use both for the same extension, however, a small fee will apply. Ask sales for more information.

Can the user be anywhere in Canada and still use the 416, 905, 604 … number?
Yes, the user can use their desk phone, or soft phone from anywhere in Canada. Let’s assume the user has a 416 phone. They can take their phone, plug it into a network connection in Vancouver, Chicago, or anywhere in the world for that matter, and their phone will work with their 416, 905, 604 … number. If the user is sitting in Chicago they will still have a 416 number, and all calls made from the phone will be as if they were in the 416 area code.

If you want to add an additional employee in the future do you need a new number or you would need to get another extension? Assuming that employees work in 2 different locations, both from their own home.
Digitcom has a number of plans available. Each phone normally includes a DID. We do have an optional automated attendant.
Let’s assume you have 2 employees. Each employee will have their own DID (direct inward dial number). If you want a main number in addition to the 2 DID’s then there will be a small fee associated with the additional phone number.

Are there any contract terms, length of terms associated with the service?
You can read about our terms of service here. All of our plans include a minimum contract term of 1 year.

Digitcom's Phone Service emergency 9-1-1 features differ from traditional 9-1-1 emergency services. Visit terms and conditions for more information